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Complex for men Mans Maca Meiji

Complex for men Mans Maca Meiji
Complex for men Mans Maca Meiji

Complex for men Mans Maca Meiji




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MACA MAN is a unique complex for men that contains natural remedies that empower the body with energy, strengthens the body's protective functions, memory and concentration, strengthens physical and sexual strength, prevents hormonal aging. This is a natural complex that acts on the entire hormonal system, nourishes the glands of internal secretion and supports hormonal balancing of the body. The effect of this complex is especially noticeable in the conditions of constant stress of city life. This food supplement contains 10 types of ingredients in one capsule, such as the Peruvian poppy, the tail of the eastern shield-moss, Siberian ginseng, and the shell of the Chinese trionics. The main ingredient - the Peruvian poppy or Peruvian ginseng - is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is used as a food product, alkaloids and steroids contained in the plant are responsible for aphrodisiac, adaptogenic, anabolic and immunostimulating properties. The supplement is ideal for maintaining health and planning a happy family life.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: Meiji
Quantity : 150 ps
Dosage : 30 days

Dosage and administration: Take 5 tablets a day, with food, with water. Does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. Ingredients: Corn starch, Peruvian poppy powder, gelatin, guarana, crescent-shaped doll, tail of oriental musculature, reindeer horn (powder), eleutherococcus spiny, Chinese trionix, dextrin, yeast (zinc-containing), red gaukurua, Lapa, stearic acid, gelatin (used as a hermetic material (capsules). Net weight: 67 g (447 mg × 150 capsules). Storage conditions: Store in the absence of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Nutritional value: (for 5 capsules - 2.235 mg). Energy value: 8.2 kcal Proteins 0.53 g. Fats 0.04 g. Carbohydrates 1.42 g. Sodium 1.19 mg. Zinc 1 mg. The main components in the recommended daily dose (5 capsules - 2.235 mg) Peruvian maca 5