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DHC Diet Power

DHC Diet Power

DHC Diet Power




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DHC Diet Power increases fat burning, making you burn more calories! The product contains about 10 weight loss components, including lipidic acid, carnitine, forskolin, essential amino acids, white bean extract, charantin, synephrine, etc. Alpha-lipoic acid regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Forskolin naturally burns fat and lowers your blood pressure. Carnitine (vitamin B11) removes harmful by-products of metabolism called free radicals. Charantin normalizes blood sugar. Synephrine increases your metabolism and reduces appetite. Irreplaceable amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) increase metabolism and stimulate the protein synthesis.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: DHC
Quantity : 90 ps
Dosage : 30 days

How to use: 3 tablets per day.

To improve your metabolism and your digestive health take the remedy for about 60 days. To get rid of excessive pounds take the product for about 3-4 months.