Detox Foot Patches for Muscle Overworked Pain

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About the product


manufacturerHonpo Co Ltd
Quantity60 ps

Composition and method of application

How to use: It is recommended to apply the product before going to sleep. Wash your feet before using the patch. It is recommended to apply patches on both feet. In the morning, remove the patch and wash your feet with soap. For best results, repeat this procedure until the patches become light in the morning.

Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar, Diatom Algae, Tourmaline, Hearth Houttuynia Cordata, Japanese Medlar, Vitamin C, Vegetable Fibers, Dextrin, Wormwood Essential Oil.

Product description

Detox patches relieve overworked pain and fatigue.

Wormwood helps to cope with nervousness, increased excitability, insomnia, as well as depression, weakness, and fatigue.

It is also suitable for those who suffer from leg swelling. Bad blood flow causes edema and makes tissue to hold water within its extracellular space. To combat swelling it is just enough to apply the patch on your feet before going to bed. Plasters help cleanse lymph and blood from toxins.

Detox patches are the most simple and effective way to detoxify your body and remove toxins.