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Detox-plasters for pain relief and edema of the legs with grapefruit

Detox-plasters for pain relief and edema of the legs with grapefruit

Detox-plasters for pain relief and edema of the legs with grapefruit




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An easy-to-use reward for your legs after a busy day! Ideal for those who suffer from foot swelling due to standing or sedentary work, as well as after long walks and tiring shopping. Edema in the legs appears due to a worsening of blood circulation and the delay of excess fluid in the intercellular space. To combat swelling it is enough just to paste a patch on your feet before going to bed.

The most simple and effective way to detoxify is to remove toxins through the soles of the feet. Eastern medicine for centuries holds the view that for a day the toxins accumulate in the lower part of the human body. They are removed from the internal organs and deposited in the soles of the feet. Plasters help cleanse lymph and blood from toxins. When the blood circulates through the feet, the toxins are collected through the reflexogenic points into the glued pads-detoxicants. Therefore, adhesions pasted to the sole of the foot before bedtime help to remove toxic substances from the entire human body, improving health and health.

Fresh grapefruit flavor gives vivacity, will fill the body and spirit with a positive, help get rid of depression and calm down after a day full of stress.


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Manufacturer: Honpo Co Ltd
Quantity : 60 ps

Method of use: It is recommended to glue the patch for the night. Wash your feet before using the patch. Separate the adhesive tape from the adhesive. Attach the adhesive with a sticky side to the foot. It is recommended to apply patches on both feet. In the morning, wipe the place where the patch was fixed with a wet napkin or wash your feet with soap. For best results, repeat this procedure until the patches after peeling off in the morning become light.

Ingredients: Bamboo vinegar, diatoms, tourmaline, hearth chutulet, Japanese medlar, vitamin C, vegetable fibers, dextrin.