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EPISTEME Cleansing Cleansing Gel Oil for Make-up Remover

EPISTEME Cleansing Cleansing Gel Oil for Make-up Remover

EPISTEME Cleansing Cleansing Gel Oil for Make-up Remover




Gel-oil EPISTEME deeply penetrates into the pores, maximally cleansing the skin. Effectively cleans pores from make-up and excess sebum. Provides gentle cleansing for dry skin. The composition contains the following special active components: complex components of plant extracts and amino acids Arusaji. This is the original patented moisturizing component created for the skin care products of the EPISTEME line. Primrose oil is obtained from the dry seeds of the evening primrose. Another name is evening primrose oil. This oil has a wide range of healing effects, has a positive effect on the skin, and helps to get rid of many cosmetic problems. Like many other vegetable oils, evening primrose oil is rich in vitamin E (vitamin of youth), as well as essential fatty acids, the main percentage of which is linoleic acid. The use of primrose oil is great for caring for dry, sensitive, and weak fading skin. This is primarily due to the good nutritional, softening, and moisturizing properties of the oil, which help to eliminate dryness and peeling of the skin, and in the future, with regular application, maintain optimum hydration of the skin. It will help rid the skin of problems such as inflammation, irritation, and redness. In addition, evening primrose oil gives a good and rejuvenating effect. Its use promotes smoothing of the skin, and getting rid of superficial wrinkles on the face, increasing elasticity and elasticity of the skin. In addition to all of the above, primrose oil is recommended for the treatment of skin diseases, accompanied by itching, dryness, and reddening of affected areas. In particular, this oil helps to get rid of age and other pigment spots. Cosmetic patented component Korapurasu is a hydrolysed soy protein, is also a powerful moisturizing component that activates collagen and hyaluronic acid found in the skin. It helps to smooth wrinkles and deeply moisturizes the skin, is the source of isoflavones - the elements that protect the skin from hormonal aging, nourish the skin, literally restoring it at the cellular level.

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Weight : 140 g