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Episteme Night Repair Cream

Episteme Night Repair Cream

Episteme Night Repair Cream




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During the night, the Night Repair Cream moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. It is formulated with an anti-aging formula containing licorice leaf extract and geránium robertiánum extract. Licorice leaf extract has anti-aging properties, smoothes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. Geránium robertiánum extract stimulates cell regeneration, boosts the immune system and improves the condition of the dry skin. It cleanses the skin, normalizes excessive sebum production, relieves inflammation and moisturizes dry skin. Comfrey leaf extract contains niacinamide, a powerful anti-aging agent that prevents dehydration and improves microcirculation. It is rich in caffeic acid (antioxidant), chlorogenic acid (fights fungi, viruses, bacteria, and free radicals), rosmarinic acid (smoothes fine wrinkles). Seaweed extract prevents acne and inflammation.

Episteme Night Repair Cream also contains plum fruit extract and edelweiss extract.


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Manufacturer: Episteme
Weight : 45 g
Real Weight : 305