Dr. SCALP Excellence VEGF Plus Hair Scalp Essence

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About the product


manufacturerDr SCALP
Volume80 ml
ApplicationGrowth booster

Composition and method of application

How to use: apply the essence on the scalp after washing, gently massage. It can be used twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Product description

Dr. SCALP Excellence Essence for thinning hair contains cytokines, which stimulates hair growth at the cellular level, restores the water balance of hair and scalp. The combination of collagen, fermented barley extract and fucoidan (brown algae extract) soothes and treats the scalp, promotes the healthy growth of hair. Gray hair is caused when the follicle is unable to add color to the hair. Fermented barley extract stimulates the work of melanocytes, preventing graying.

The composition of the product combines 5 types of carefully selected cytokines:

  • A-FGF creates a favorable environment for hair growth and regrowth;
  • VEGF delivers the needed nutrients to the roots;
  • IGF-2 gives elasticity to the hair;
  • Timosine Beta-4 promotes the growth of healthy hair, prevents its loss; 
  • KGF makes hair strong, stimulates the growth. Fucoidan (brown algae extract) activates the work of ciconite KGF.

The brown algae extract restores the scalp water balance, rebuilding the skin structure and stimulating the magnificent hair growth. Three-spiral collagen (water-soluble) moisturizes your scalp, has a caring effect, restores elasticity, maintains a healthy skin texture. The elastic skin is a key to the strong, healthy and glossy hair.

Does not contain any preservatives, synthetic colorings, aromas,
alcohol, oils.