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Kawai Kanyu Drop Fish Oil (Liver Oil & Vitamin C)

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Kawai Kanyu Drop Fish Oil (Liver Oil & Vitamin C)

Kawai Kanyu Drop Fish Oil (Liver Oil & Vitamin C)

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Fish oil is one of the most useful food supplements for both children and adults. Balanced, natural complex with vitamins C, D and A contained in the liver oil has a pleasant orange taste and high efficiency. All vitamins and valuable substances of the complex are perfectly absorbed into the blood and improve the immune system and brain health. Vitamins are suitable for all family members, including 1-year-old-kids. Vitamins have a pleasant taste. Vitamin A improves vision, heals the mucous membranes and protects against viruses and bacteria. Thanks to the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C, it is essential for the proper functioning of immune cells and cold prevention. Taking Vitamin D may be helpful in autumn and winter. It maximizes mineral digestibility. Kawai Kanyu Drop Fish Oil will improve brain health and normalize the mental health during age crises or mental and physical loads.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Quantity : 100 ps
Dosage : 100 days

How to use: From 1 year to 14 years - 1 capsule a day. After 14 years - 2 capsules a day.

Ingredients: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C.