AHA WHIP CLEANSING b has been developed specially for people with sensitive skin. The product is perfect for washing and makeup removing. It delicately cleanses the dirt and makeup. The AHA-acid effectively nourishes the stratum corneum, leaving it clean and fresh. Due to its unique structure, the washing foam deeply penetrates into the pores, removing contaminants and cosmetic products. The foam gives the skin a feeling of purity, freshness, and comfort. The consistency of the foam is very soft and pleasant to the skin. Just one pump and the foam is ready to use!

Foam is especially recommended for the care of sensitive skin and does not cause redness and irritation.

Fruit acids have exfoliating properties, normalizes excessive sebum secretions. Therefore, ANA skin care products are recommended for young girls who are suffering from the greasy shine. However, this is not the least of the advantages of the fruit acids. Fruit acids are bests friends of women who suffer from enlarged pores: ANA cleans and shrinks the pores. As other acids, fruit acids dissolve sebaceous plugs, called black spots. Getting rid of sebaceous plugs, you promote the detoxification in your body.



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Components: Plant components, ceramide, fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, nano-collagen, camellia seed extract, apple flavor.

How to use: Apply to the wet face, massage in circular motions, then rinse well with warm water.

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Brand: BCL
Capacity150 ml

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