Food gold leaf (0.025 g)

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About the product


manufacturerSakuda Gold Silver Leaf Co Ltd
Weight0.025 g

Composition and method of application

The product is hypoallergenic. Rejuvenating properties are especially pronounced after the onset of 40 years.

Product description

Gold and silver foil was first created in the Japanese city of Kanazawa in 1593. Initially, gold plates were used to decorate Buddhist altars, screens in rich houses, and also to write names. Today it interests people of various creative professions. The gold leaf is successfully used not only by architects, but also by designers, fashion designers, make-up artists and even culinary specialists. Food gold leaf is an exclusive food additive for decorating various dishes, confectionery products and desserts. With his help you can create a real work of culinary art! A small amount of this product will decorate any dish and give it an incomparable splendor of luxury and celebration. Food gold leaf is ideal as an edible food decoration, because it not only does not interfere with digestion, but also has many useful properties. Since time immemorial, it has been used to rejuvenate the entire body. After using this product, the work of all internal organs, especially the liver, gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system, improves.