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About the product


manufacturerKanehide Bio
Dosage30 days
Quantity270 ps
Quantity180 pcs

Composition and method of application

Active components (daily dose): Fucoidan - 1, 4 g, Sodium - 50, 8 mg, Iodine - 9.4 μg.

How to use: Take 2 capsules 3 times a day before or during meals.

Product description

Fucoidan from ABLY Corporation is a secret of long life without diseases. Fucoidan is made from mozuku, Okinawa's unique anti-aging seaweed and immunomodulator. Fucoidan copes with both infections and allergic reactions, destroys cancer cells better than chemotherapy without damaging healthy cells. Fucoidan removes thrombi and cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, therefore it is used to treat and prevent ischemia, atherosclerosis and varicose, heart attacks and strokes. It stimulates cell growth and protein synthesis, therefore, improves the condition of bones, muscles, joints, and skin. The product doesn't contain glucose.

Iodine - increases immunity and brain function, stimulates thyroid gland and hormone synthesis;

Sodium - is necessary for cell turgor and nervous system function.