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La Mente Aurora Lift Up Placenta Anti-Aging Gel

La Mente Aurora Lift Up Placenta Anti-Aging Gel

La Mente Aurora Lift Up Placenta Anti-Aging Gel




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La Mente Aurora Lift Up Gel helps prevent aging and preserve your natural beauty.

  • Placenta extract smoothes skin, improves skin's immunity, accelerates cell regeneration (proteins), improves metabolism, prevents cell damage caused by oxygen stress, stimulates cell growth (growth factors and polysaccharides), and prevents the appearance of pigment spots.
  • Hydrolyzed elastin and collagen moisturize skin, promote firmness, and reduce wrinkles.
  • Seaweed extract intensively removes toxins and excess fluid from the tissues and nourishes skin with antioxidants.
  • Yeast extract is rich in B vitamins. It relieves dryness, increases collagen production, smoothes skin, and makes it more elastic and firm;
  • Cork tree bark extract is an antiseptic agent that tones skin, repairs wounds and scratches, and soothes inflammation;
  • Violet root extract heals wounds and cracks, disinfects skin, and helps cope with acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: La Mente
Weight : 150 g
Type :
Application : Anti-aging
Application : Moisturization
Application : Smoothing
Application :
Application :
Application :
Application : All skin types
Prescription : Face
Sex : Unisex

Key ingredients: Natural hyaluronic extract, collagen extract, elastin extract, placenta extract, sake lees extract, luxuriously blended moisturizing ingredients such as seaweed extract that contains the amino acids and minerals.

Full ingredients: Water, BG, betaine, placenta extract, rhinoceros Thai extract, hydrolyzed elastin, water-soluble collagen, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, brown algae extract, red algae extract, green algae extract, sake lees extract, carbomer, aminocaproic acid, quaternium -73, bark extract , purple root extract, xanthan gum, polysorbate 20, pullulan, hydroxyethyl cellulose, arginine, phenoxyethanol, ethanol.