S-Heart-S WORLD MODEL LONG Scalp Brush

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About the product


manufacturerS HEARTS S

Composition and method of application

Length - 196 mm, width - 45 mm, height - 40 mm.

Weight - 90 g.


Product description

Scalp Brush is a revolutionary hair care product. It’s a perfect styling tool and favorite product of the leading beauty salons in Japan and Western Europe. Currently, the company supplies its products to the top stylists in Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Beijing, Hong Kong, and other cities around the world. This new brush combines the latest innovations in the field of hair treatment and restoration. You can use it to comb your dry or wet hair every day. This brush gently massages the scalp, increasing blood flow and unclogging the hair follicles. It stimulates the hair growth without damaging the hair and scalp. Bristles are made of flexible wear-resistant nylon. Long bristles remove excess oil from the hair, so the hair gets more oxygen. Short bristles increase blood flow. This brush improves hair health and stimulates hair growth.

For all hair types.