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Lipusa Laminaria Kelp Root

Lipusa Laminaria Kelp Root

Lipusa Laminaria Kelp Root




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Laminaria, also known as sea kale, has a lot of useful properties. Its effectiveness has long been recognized by many scientists and physicians. It has the following effects:

  • anti-atherogenic,
  • anticoagulant,
  • antihypertensive,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • anti hypothyroid,
  • antirheumatic,
  • antitumor,
  • antivirus,
  • laxative,
  • tonic.

Moreover, it:

  1. absorbs toxins from the intestine;
  2. increases metabolism;
  3. increases the growth of useful intestinal bacteria (acidophilic and biophilic);
  4. cleanses blood;
  5. removes mucus;
  6. removes unwanted and pathogenic bacteria;
  7. increases muscle metabolism;
  8. protects against radiation;
  9. increases skeletal metabolism;
  10. strengthens connective tissues (bones, hair, nails, skin, and teeth);
  11. increases thyroid metabolism.

Laminaria also has a beneficial effect on the sensory nerves and brain membranes.

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Manufacturer: Lipusa
Quantity : 270 ps
Quantity : 180 pcs
Dosage : 90 days

How to use: Take 2 - 3 capsules per day.

Ingredients: Laminaria root, brown alga extract root (Hokkaido), fucoidan (Okinawa Prefecture), gelatin.