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About the product


manufacturerMTG ReFa CARAT
Quantity1 ps

Composition and method of application

The ReFa Carat is very popular all over the world. ReFa Carat is a solar-powered, platinum-covered roller that creates micro-currents similar to the weak electrical current human skin naturally has. ReFa CARAT won First Place in the “BITEKI” Best Cosmetic Award as the first beauty device to win. 2012 was the year ReFa CARAT was launched. The product went on to award first place over numerous cosmetic products when it was chosen as “The Best Cosmetic product for 2012 selected by 42 beauty experts”, an award sponsored by the Japanese beauty magazine “BITEKI”.  

Product description

Lifting massager ReFa Carat smoothes and tightens the skin. The massage roller easy fits in the hand, gripping and gliding like delicate fingertips. The product makes your skin more elastic and firm. The rollers are coated in a brilliantly bright platinum, making them compatible for the even delicate skin. The device can be used on the face, hands and other areas that need care and attention. The complex design of the massager provides elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Very mild microcurrent is generated by drawing in light with a solar panel fixed in the handle. The panel generates microcurrent that improves the blood flow. Regular use of a massager smooth the skin texture, removes wrinkles, makes the skin elastic and firm. 360multiangular rollers perfectly fit the curvatures of the face. Use the massager while taking a bath. This will help to relax after a hard day. The device is waterproof. Conforms with the JIS standards (the equivalent to IPX7).

Beware of Counterfeits!

Our store offers only genuine ReFa products.