Astalift Face Mask

Astalift Face Mask

Astalift Face Mask

Moisturizing face mask Astalift, impregnated with highly concentrated moisturizing serum, has a tightening effect, actively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, makes it feels shine and health. In the series, the aroma of a damask rose is used as a perfume. Its inviting fragrance makes you feel good and also makes the skin care procedure even more pleasant and relaxing. Elasticity and a general skin tone are achieved due to astaxanthin. This component stabilizes the production of collagen and also neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. In addition to astaxanthin, the composition of the serum is abundant with collagen molecules of different sizes. It enhances the moisturizing properties of the mask, making the skin more elastic and healthy after each use. Both masks are generously impregnated with serum (about 35 ml per 1 pc.), which has a pleasant melting texture. The mask is designed for any shape and size of the face. Observe the individual facial features of the mask design: the upper and lower parts are applied separately from each other. Also, the mask material can stretch in any direction. Thus, the mask perfectly fits the face and immediately moisturize the skin.



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How to use: first spread the mask number 1 and apply it to the lower part of the face. It is recommended to start with a chin, taking into account the slot for the mouth. Smooth out the mask in accordance with the face oval. Next, attach the mask number 2 on the top of the face, taking into account the slits for the eyes. Straighten the mask, starting from the forehead, and make sure that both parts of the mask fit tightly to the skin. Set a 10-minute time limit. Remove both parts of the mask and rub the mask liquid. Do not rinse after applying.

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Brand: Astalift
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