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Rice is the heart of Japanese food tradition. Mizkan Omusubiyama Rice Seasonings is the mix of dried seaweed and traditional Japanese spices and ingredients. This product is easy to mix with the finished rice. Natural rice seasoning with vegetables and seaweed has perfect bright taste, which makes the cold rice to taste even better than hot. It contains dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, carotene, and iron. The secret of the unique flavor is the combination of algae and other ingredients. The most distinguishing feature of the product is the mouth-watering scent. The high-quality natural alga has a beautiful green color and a pleasant aroma. Wakame seaweed is one of the healthiest Japanese foods. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. The product contains salt and seasonings so it can be used with other dishes. Incredibly easy to use. Add in salads, soups, and pasta. It is great for everything! 

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Brand Mizkan
Weight33 grams

Japanese best seller! The unique combination of Japanese spices will give a piquant taste and an excellent aroma. The product contains only natural Japanese ingredients.

How to use: Boil rice without adding salt, as the seasoning contains salt. Mix the rice with butter and seasoning. Add the seasoning to the cooked rice before serving.

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