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Spa Treatment Eye Patch

Spa Treatment Eye Patch
Spa Treatment Eye Patch
Spa Treatment Eye Patch

Spa Treatment Eye Patch




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Spa Treatment Eye Patch is a perfect option for those who want to preserve the beauty and youthless. Natural herbal ingredients and antioxidants work to improve skin condition, even complexion and reduce wrinkles. This product also contains polypeptide created on the basis of Swiss technology and has a similar structure to snake venom enzymes. Using these patches stimulates the production of collagen and strengthens the skin around the eyes. They also contain hydrolyzed collagen that prevents moisture loss and dehydration. Arbutin and placenta extract lighten the skin and reduce dark circles. Extracts of ginseng and ginger have refreshing properties. Clematis and algae help to relieve inflammation and edema. Using the Spa Treatment Mask will help to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, eliminate edema and smooth wrinkles.

One package is approx. 30 uses.

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Appearance, performance and options can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.

Manufacturer: Spa treatment
Quantity : 60 ps

How to use: After washing face, apply these patches to your skin and leave on for 20 minutes and tap on eyes to make the skin absorb the remains.

Ingredients: snake venom peptide; hydrolyzed collagen, placenta extract, arbutin, ginger root extract, ginseng extract, seaweed extract, clematis extract.


Does not contain mineral oils, surfactants.