Air Doctor Portable

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About the product


Dosage30 days

Composition and method of application

How to use: Pull the product out from the package and peel off the sticker. Attach to your bag, clothes, etc.

Replace every 30 days.

Product description

Portable Air Doctor effectively kills pathogens like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Air Doctor works by producing chlorine dioxide. It doesn’t contain chlorine-based bleaching agents and is safe for both adults and kids. The key benefits of Air Doctor are disinfection and deodorization. It contains solid chloride dioxide that is two times more powerful than common chlorine agents used in disinfectants. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, viruses, etc. and reduces your risks of getting a cold. United Nations Food Committee approved Solid Chloride dioxide as Class A-1 which is in the same category as sugar and salt.

Prevention is better than cure!