Squalene Meiji

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About the product


Quantity90 ps
Dosage30 days

Composition and method of application

Ingredients: 100% shark liver oil, capsules - glycerin, gelatin.

How to use: 3 capsules a day during meals.

Product description

Squalene was first discovered in 1906. Dr. Mitsutaro Zujimoto of Japan isolated an extract from the liver of a deep-sea shark, which was later identified as squalene (from lat.squalus - shark). The study of many of the useful properties of squalene has been successful to this day, but its talents are already open enough to understand the benefits. Squalene fights against cancer cells, preserves youth, supports immunity, improves the work of the heart and hormones. And it is nontoxic and safe in any concentration. In the human body, squalene acts as an antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic and fungicidal agent. Proper squalene in the body promotes cell rejuvenation and fights free radicals. Squalene stimulates the immune system, which protects the body from all kinds of infections and viruses. This substance is one of the derivatives of vitamin A, which, when interacting with cholesterol, supports the natural synthesis of vitamin D and improves the transport of other vitamins and vitamin-like substances deep within the body. Squalene - alkylglycerols (ACG), incredibly valuable esters of fatty polyunsaturated acids, even a microscopic number of which is capable of creating real miracles. ACGs are responsible for the elasticity and integrity of membranes of immune cells, the quality of which determines the body's ability to resist infections. The maximum amount of ACG is contained in the blood of first-year infants breast-fed, because the mother shares with the baby alkylglycerols through milk. This provides the baby with immunity at a time when it is mastered in the world.

Without any interruptions, the working formed organism synthesizes both squalene and ACG itself. However, after reaching a man of about twenty years of age, the requirements for squalene and its components increase, and it makes sense to think about the careful attitude to this resource and its replenishment with the help of useful food products.

Advantages of squalene:


  • A powerful adaptogen - increases the body's ability to withstand unfavorable conditions
  • Cleans the blood, the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys from toxins and decay products;
  • Has the ability to bind bad cholesterol, preventing its deposition in blood vessels
  • Provides anti-aging effect;
  • Wrestler with unhealthy flora and bacteria
  • Normalizes the production of hormones.