Titanium necklace Phiten X100 RAKUWA MIRROR BALL

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About the product



Composition and method of application

Material: Clasp - titanium, fabric (lace) - polyester. Diameter 45 cm. Way of use: Wear a necklace on the neck or wrist in the form of a bracelet during and after an intense physical or nervous load. You can use the necklace around the clock. Listen carefully to your feelings when you wear a necklace - so you can choose the most optimal time for using it. Necklace is contraindicated for use by persons with pacemakers, insulin pumps and other electrical implants, people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, epileptics, pregnant and lactating mothers! If you have an uncaused pain when using a necklace, stop using it. Do not allow the device to come into contact with magnetic devices and information sources (flash drives, disks, credit cards, etc.) - they may be corrupted!

Product description

Titanium magnetic necklace Phiten X100 MIRROR BALL - a stylish accessory for a modern business and sports person. Inside the necklace contains titanium balls, and its outer coating is impregnated with a colloidal solution of titanium (AKVATIAN). The necklace improves blood circulation in the body, thereby relieving tension in the cervical and thoracic spine and spasms in the neck . Fatigue decreases, headaches disappear and pressure normalizes. Titanium serves as a source of magnetic fields, so beneficial for your body. Magnetic fields affect iron in the hemoglobin of the blood and polarize the molecules of fluids in the body, thereby accelerating blood circulation, improving tissue respiration and nutrition. This allows you to recover faster after significant physical exertion and stress, accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, removes lactic acid and urea decomposition products, so it removes inflammation and pain. The magnetic field stimulates natural electrical currents of the central and peripheral nervous system, helps with nervous tension and stress, improves cognitive and intellectual abilities. A magnetic necklace will save you from insomnia and neuroses, strengthen immunity, restore the polarity of cells.