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About the product


Weight120 g

Composition and method of application

Sangi conceived the idea of enamel-restorative toothpaste using hydroxyapatite in 1978. Hydroxyapatite is one of the main components of teeth and bones. Toothpaste contains this component has the ability to act as a filler, repairing minute pits and fissures in the enamel surface. Hydroxyapatite has been approved as an anticaries agent in 1993. Sangi was inspired by NASA. Early space travel posted a problem: loss of mineral from the teeth and bones. For this purpose, Sangi developed the world’s first dental enamel restoring toothpaste. 
Apagard toothpaste was launched by Sangi in 1995. This product now has a 40% share of the market for high-performance whitening toothpaste.

Product description

APAGARD RENAMEL provides professional dental care at home. It cleans teeth, gums and mouth, effectively dissolves and absorbs dental plaque and stone, removes coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. Pasta destroys cocci that cause caries and bad breath. Protects the teeth against acids and sugars, fills the microcracks. Prevents periodontitis and gingivitis. The product contains:

  • Macrogol-400 - dissolves and removes dental plaque (zeolite), removes tobacco, tea, and coffee stains;
  • PVP - absorbs solid contaminants, preventing tooth decay;
  • β-glycyrrhizic acid - is an anti-inflammatory agent that kills microorganisms cause tooth decay. Protects the enamel with a protecting thin film;
  • Cetylpyridinium chloride - kills microbes, viruses, and fungi;
  • Hydroxyapatite - adsorbs and removes plaque, fills invisible microcracks and starts the remineralization process.