White Proherb Toothpaste Gel

White Proherb Toothpaste Gel

White Proherb Toothpaste Gel

Proherb EM Whitening Toothpaste Gel was developed using the most modern Japanese technologies. Enriched with aloe vera, the toothpaste prevents plaque and pigmentation on teeth, prevents tooth decay, effectively cleanses the teeth. Proherb EM Toothpaste contains fluoride, apatite, and xylitol. Has whitening and strengthening effect. Thanks to the Aloe vera, it has the excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Propolis extract and 8 medicinal herbal extracts refresh breath, clean the oral cavity and prevent gingivitis. The gel contains only natural ingredients. It effectively removes plaque, which is the main cause of caries, periodontitis, and bad breath. The product helps the positively charged tooth ions repel the positively charged plaque ions. Active ingredients: sodium monofluorophosphate (fluorine), dicalcium glycyrrhizinate (licorice root).



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IngredientsConcentrated glycerin, Aloe vera, Scutellaria extract, Humulus extract, Fennel extract, Achillea extract, Melissa extract, Viscum album extract, Matricaria extract, Silicon dioxide, Silicic acid, Aluminum silicate, Xylitol, Propolis extract, Hydroxyapatite.

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Brand: Mint Green
Weight138 grams

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