KAO BUB Carbonate BATH SALT (Pinus)

KAO BUB Carbonate BATH SALT (Pinus)

KAO BUB Carbonate BATH SALT (Pinus)

Our house is our fortress! Here we can take care of yourself after a hard day. Taking a bath, you can relax and reduce stress. KAO BUB Carbonate BATH SALT contains trace elements that restore and disinfect damaged tissue. Natural aromas calm the nervous system. Bath salts offer a truly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for your body. They improve the immune system, maintaining beauty and health. 
Enriched with Pinus, KAO BUB Carbonate BATH SALT strengthens the skin and improve the immune system, help to treat respiratory infections. Essential oils have calming and sedative effects, help to reduce stress.



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How to use: Add one tablet to the water.

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Brand: KAO

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