Epoch Aquabeads Big Set for Girls

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About the product



Composition and method of application

The set contains all beads pictured on the package.

How to use:

  •     Remove the protective film, put the beads on the palette;
  •     Choose a template sheet and put it under the table tray;
  •     Use a bead pen to place the bead on the tray following the design underneath;
  •     Fill the sprayer with water and spray the beads 4 or 5 times with water from about 10 cm away. Leave the beads to dry for 1 hour. Once dry, remove the bead design.

Product description

Aquabeads were developed in Japan in 2004. These unique beads stick together with water. No needle, no cotton, no glue needed! Aquabeads are easy to use and safe for children. This product is perfect for children aged 4 years and up.


  •     Aquabeads conform to the toy safety standards;
  •     Enable children to create amazing works of art;
  •     Improve concentration, teach the kids patience and develop imagination;
  •     Boost the child's self-esteem and confidence.