Epoch Hoipur chocolate with cream

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About the product



Composition and method of application

Preparation: before using, lay the table with a tablecloth or newspaper sheets. Prepare the cream immediately before use. The cream easily withers, in the unused time, it is necessary to close the cap. Under the action of water melts - the finished product does not wet. The amount of cream is calculated for the decoration of one set, with excessive use, there may be a shortage of cream. How to use: Without removing the cap, it is good to stretch the contents of the package (about 100 times). Using the ruler, move the content to the bottom of the package. Secure the upper part of the bag with an elastic band, so that the elastic band holds the cream firmly at the base of the bag. Remove the cap, quickly remove the diaphragm, return the nozzle and cap to the place. Drying time: top lay

Product description

Hoipuru is an artificial cream that looks like real whipped cream! With it you can create sweets that can not be distinguished from the real ones! This is a new word in decorative art! Cream Hoypur is designed specifically for the training of confectioners. Its peculiarity is a texture that completely repeats the texture of whipped cream, thanks to which a detailed study of all curls and creases is possible. All the necessary ingredients are included in the all-in-one set - simple and convenient! It's enough just to remove the cap from the pastry bag and you can start. The cream freezes in the form you specify. Create original and unique author's sweets, decorating them with fruits and beads. Become a pastry chef! Catch different variations of the application of the cream, this is useful when preparing these cakes! After cooking, arrange the resulting "sweets" around the room. Also, to the finished toy, you can attach a chain and make a key chain. Surprise your friends with such a gift!