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Fancl Bifidobacteria for Weight Loss

Fancl Bifidobacteria for Weight Loss

Fancl Bifidobacteria for Weight Loss




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Fancl Bifidobacteria is the perfect remedy for those who want to get rid of excess weight. This supplement will help you to get rid of extra pounds with comfort. The main causes of excess weight are the hormonal imbalance and dysbacteriosis. If you know for sure that your hormones are ok, but still can't lose weight, then you need to try the new product from Fancl. It helps to lose weight, improve digestive health, immunity and nutrient absorption. Bifidobacterium longum is necessary for vitamin synthesis and digestive health. Taking antibiotics or poor nutrition can cause dysbacteriosis, but taking Fancl Bifidobacteria you don't need to worry about it!

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Manufacturer: FANCL
Quantity : 120 ps
Quantity : 60 ps
Dosage : 30 days

How to use: Take 4 capsules a day with water.

Ingredients: Bifidobacteria BB 536 (B. longum) - 10 billion, bifidobacterium B-3 (B. breve) - 5 billion, N-acetylglucosamine - 238 mg.