FANCL Facial Massaging Puff

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About the product



Composition and method of application

Replacement period: 1 to 2 months 
Puff dimensions: 3.5in×2.75in×1in

Ingredients: Crabyon (a natural antibacterial fiber gentle to the skin), Polylactic Acid Fiber (corn derived), silk (sericin).

How to use: 1. Dampen the puff with lukewarm water and squeeze out lightly. 2. Spread one teaspoon of Cleansing Powder evenly onto the puff. 3. Rub the powder onto the puff. 4. Squeeze the puff with the powder to create a foam. 5. Repeat until you've created a dense, voluminous foam. 6. Gently massage with the puff from the center of the face to the outside. 7. Glide the puff across face about 1-2 minutes--no need to rub.

Please avoid using this puff when your skin is sensitive or have visible acne.

Product description

The sponge perfectly cleanses the pores, removes black spots, dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities, massages the skin, improving the blood flow. The sponge made of natural ingredients has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This cleansing puff massages and exfoliates your face to a soft smooth texture, adding radiance to your skin. The sponge is pleasant to the touch, convenient to use, dries quickly.