FANCL Multiminerals

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About the product


Dosage30 days
Quantity270 ps

Composition and method of application

How to take: Take six tablets per day (180 tablets - 285 mg).

Ingredients: Calcium - 350 mg, iron - 3.75 mg, zinc - 3.5 mg, magnesium - 125 mg, copper - 0.3 mg, iodine - 45 mg, manganese - 1.75 mg, selenium - 11.5 mg, chromium - 15 mg, molybdenum - 8.5 mg, Tsuintosu - 300 mg.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

May cause a loose stool.

The product contains soy components.

It is not recommended for children.

Product description

The key ingredient of the product is calcium, useful component for your body health. Keeping the proper level of calcium in your body, you can improve your overall health. By the way, calcium is essential for kids and old people. Calcium deficiency (hypocalcemia) can lead to dental changes, cataracts, alterations in the brain, and osteoporosis, which causes the bones to become brittle. Calcium plays a vital role in the processes of muscle contraction, blood clotting. The combination of calcium and magnesium helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Calcium activates enzymes and hormones. The product also contains plant ingredient called Tsuintosu, an exclusive development of the company. This valuable natural ingredient is made from chicory root pulp polysaccharides. It helps to increase the absorption of minerals. Iron deficiency can lead to chronic fatigue, impaired concentration, sleepiness, frequent colds, pale skin, brittle nails, dull hair, chapped lips, etc. Iron is required for many vital functions including oxygen transport and energy metabolism. It is an essential element for blood production. Iron is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin, that is essential for transferring oxygen in your blood from the lungs to the tissues. This mineral is vital for women health as women lose blood during menstruation. Your body can get iron only with food or iron supplements. FANCL Minerals contains chromium, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and iodine. Chromium normalizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, controls glucose metabolism, helps insulin control blood sugar. Zinc is vital for a healthy immune system, correctly synthesizing DNA, promoting healthy growth during childhood, and healing wounds. Selenium has an immuno-stimulating effect.  Iodine is an element that is needed for the production of thyroid hormone. The body does not make iodine, so it is an essential part of your diet.